Oslo, Norway!

I was raised in a heavily-dominated Norwegian community, many of whose residents were first and second generation Norwegians whose parents and grandparents came to North Dakota as homesteaders. The culture was known to me through many of my friends and the community at large. Syttende Mai was a big deal in Williston. The bank held an open house with free coffee and cookies to celebrate Norway’s Constitution. They had Norwegian folk dancers and everyone came to celebrate.

Yet in all of our travels, we had yet to set foot on what my friend, Craig Hagen, humorously refers to as the Holy Land. Now we have. Oslo, the 1,000-year-old capital, is an easy three-hour flight from Rome, and because our favorite economy airline with an affordable business class, Norwegian Air, has a direct flight here and then a direct flight to Florida, it was a natural three-day weekend on our way home from Italy.

Our hotel, the Best Western Karl Johan (a Norwegian king) was right in the thick of things and an easy walk to the wharf. The neighborhood has a plethora of restaurants (no lutefisk or lefse on the menu! Uffd!) and a lovely park and is home to Parliament and the HOHO stops here. A perfect spot for a weekend with little on the agenda accept taking it all in.

And we took it all in all day and all night because the sun barely goes down now at this latitude at the shortest time of the year. With three large windows in our hotel suite, even with curtains, the 3:30 a.m. light coaxed me out of bed. Tomorrow we head back to Florida after our three-week sojourn to Stockholm, Cefalù, Cagliari and Oslo. We are richer for the experience.

Please enjoy our images of Oslo!

House of Parliament

The first thing I do when I step into my hotel room for the first time is open the drapes. This is what I saw. The yellow building on the left is Parliament.

Tom and Hotel

Tom on Parliament grounds. Our hotel is in the background.

Karl Johangate

Our first morning in Oslo we awoke to a street fair down from our window. Normally, these outdoor restaurants consume the street.

Drummers 2.jpg

The second morning we awoke to snare drums as a disability pride parade marched below our window.


Handicapped marchers

The line of disabled marchers was several blocks long


Oslo’s architecture is geometric and photogenic

Glass Bldg.jpg

Apt Bldgs

Apartment Houses


Fjord Thru Ship.jpg

A cruise through the Oslo Fjord



Homes on the Shore.jpg

Houses on Shore.jpg


Ski Jump.jpg



Sunday Relaxing.jpg


Walkers and Trees.jpg

A walk in the park across the street from our hotel

Statue and Tree.jpg

TOM Girl Hugging Statue.jpg


Norwegian Bandstand

Norwegian Bandstand (get it?)


Architecture of yore


Fortress 2jpg.jpg

The old fortress

Feet in the Air.jpg



Nobel Peace Center

The Nobel Peace Center where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded each Dec. 10

Nobel Street Art.jpg

Street art related to the Nobel Peace Center



Sttue on Wall.jpg

White House.jpg



Oslo Opera House.jpg

The stunning Oslo Opera House opened in 2008. You are cordially invited to walk on the roof.

Opera House cu.jpg

Opera House Sculpture.jpg

The sculpture in front of the Opera House is of glass and stainless steel and turns on its axis in line with the tide and the wind, offering changing experiences through reflections from the water. It represents a massive mound of ice and represents power.

Oslo City Hall

Oslo City Hall anchors the waterfront with its twin towers and presence from the 1920s.

Ten forty five light.jpg

Our last night in Oslo and we are rewarded with this stunning light out our hotel window onto the Parliament square. The time of the photograph is 10:45 p.m. Good night, Oslo, and goodbye!



6 thoughts on “Oslo, Norway!

  1. Lyle Nelson

    Thanks for sharing your trip via photos with us! I enjoyed them all very much. Norway is still on our “bucket list.” although we have been to Sweden and Finland 3 times and Denmark a couple of times. Since I am three-fourths Swede and only one-fourth Norwegian, I guess I can justify it that way up ’til now! HAHA!

    Lyle and Helen Nelson

  2. Ingrid Petersson

    Thank you for sharing the very beautiful photo’s of Oslo. It’s many years since I was there and great buildings I haven’t seen, as the very special Opera House. Great weather.
    It was lovely to meet you. Safe trip home.

  3. Carol Andrykovitz

    I am happy to see you extended your trip and went to Oslo. I also hope that you know how much I enjoy and appreciate your Posts and Photos. Thom and I enjoyed Odysseys Eastern European trip this past May. I also biked with Vermont Bike Tours in Chile with a group of women. Hello to you and Tom and thank you for keeping me on your email list. Carol


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