Cagliari, Sardinia!

April said, “Join us in Sardinia for a few days after our tour in Sicily ends.” We agreed it would be fun to go to Sardinia, so, sure. In full disclosure, the next step was to locate Sardinia on the map. Then look it up to learn more.

Turns out Sardinia is the second largest island in the Western Mediterranean (after Sicily and before  Cyprus) and is just south of the French island of Corsica. Sardinia is an autonomous region of Italy and its capital, Cagliari, sits on the southern coast. Cagliari was our destination. To get there, we flew from Palermo, Sicly, northeast to Rome, then caught a flight 45 minutes due west.

Cagliari immediately impressed us as newer than the cities and towns of Sicily, with later-vintage buildings. But the aesthetics belie its status as an ancient city with a long history, having seen the rule of several civilizations. Beneath the modern city is a continuous stratification attesting to human settlement over the course of some 5,000 years.

During the Second World War, Cagliari was heavily bombed by the Allies. In order to escape from the danger of bombardments and difficult living conditions, many people were evacuated from the city into the countryside. In total 2,000 people died and 80 percent of the buildings were damaged. After the war, many apartment blocks and recreational areas developed and Cagliari is as you see it today, with over 500,000 people living here.

Our wonderful guide, Guglielmo, took us around the city and the outlying area for two days, treating us to gorgeous coastline views and tasty Sardinian cuisine, along with historical notes. This is the southern Sardinia we saw:

Sardinia Six.jpg

The Sardinian Six: Tom, Liz, Chef Gaetano, April, Marilyn and John, funseekers all!


Our guide in Cagliari, native son Guglielmo. Bellisimo!


Yenna Piazza.jpg

Yenna Piazza, where we stayed and gathered daily to begin the day

City Wall Gate.jpg

Inside Cagliari’s fortress

Enjoy Sardinian Wines.jpg

And we did!

Bell Peppers.jpg

Check out the size of these bell peppers in the supermarket off the piazza

Food Street.jpg


Weird Tree Landscape.jpg


fishmonger with swordfish.jpg

A market is always on the agenda when you are with Chef Gaetano. We found the fishmongers in this Cagliari market to be hams for the camera.

Fish eye 2.jpg

Dangling Octopus.jpg

Live Eels.jpg

These eels were alive and squirming around. Chef Gaetano picked up one and scared “the girls”



Just like days of yore, traffic stops for herded goats

Tree Flowers.jpg

Beach from Cliff.jpg

Sardinia’s coastline is rugged and the water is clear and bellisima

Beach Umbrellas.jpg

Beach Goers.jpg

Water Fun.jpg

Caligary sunset over rooftops

Buonanotte, Cagliari!




3 thoughts on “Cagliari, Sardinia!

  1. Carole Sullivan

    The trip looks like it has been amazing!

    Finally some blue sky and sunshine this morning!

    All the best!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Ingrid Petersson

    Hi Liz and Tom, beautiful photo’s and sunny lovely days. I’m sure it is an interesting island to visit. I have never been there, but 2005 I spent one week in Corsica, a lovely island too, not so exploited. I wait to read about your stay in Oslo.
    Love, Ingrid


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